Here’s a wee throwback I feel like sharing - when Shout! Factory released the complete ULTRA SEVEN back in December, a lot of people were pissed off that it didn’t include the infamous banned twelfth episode, “From Another Planet With Love”. I wasn’t particularly hacked off, because I knew the legal background regarding the episode, and wasn’t really expecting the episode to be part of the set.

…however, this didn’t stop me from wanting to own the complete ULTRA SEVEN, in Japanese, with English subtitles. Having obtained a copy of the RAW Japanese language twelfth episode a while back, I set about completing the series for myself. I created an English-language subtitle track using the TNT English dub as a basis. I changed some of the terms and phrases so they matched both Shout!’s subtitle tracks and stuck closer to the original Japanese dialogue. I know this means the translation will not be 100% accurate, but as long as the story itself isn’t changed, I’m fine with that.

The next step was creating a new DVD for the episode itself. I created a thirty-second text screen (with the ULTRA SEVEN theme playing over it) briefly introducing the episode and its history (culled from Shout!’s official booklet), and burned both that and the subtitled episode itself to a disc (I seen no point in creating a fully functioning interactive menu for one twenty-two minute episode).

The final step was creating a nice label for the disc, which I did and tried to match Shout!’s disc designs as best I could. Finally, I simply slipped the labelled disc into a wee plastic slip, and stuck it into the Shout! set. I’m really happy with how my wee pet project turned out, and I’m happy to own the complete ULTRA SEVEN!

I’ve been considering doing the same process with VOYAGE INTO SPACE, the “film” edited from episodes of JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT, to similarly compliment Shout!’s release of said series. We shall see.